‘Work Smart’ is the new work hard!

It’s not about how many hours you work in a day; it’s about making the most of your time while you are working, that is productivity. You can be busy at work all day and you are probably working hard but that certainly does not mean you are being productive. It is quite natural to feel tired when the clock strikes to mid-afternoon and you find everyone around grabbing a coffee or an energy drink to stay focused but how do you really cope with all the workload? Managing everything you have on your plate does not require you to stay occupied at all times, its more about organizing and planning which can assist you to be more efficient in all your endeavors. Being productive not only benefits you at your work place but it also helps you to stay positive and relaxed during your non-working hours. Here are some things you can try as small changes can lead to big results:

  • Plan your day

Planning is the key to stay organized and focused as it will help you to prioritize your tasks to know exactly what needs your attention more and what assignment needs to be completed first. You need not plan your to-do list the same day it needs to be carried out, to save time you can plan the night before or even do a weekly plan of your tasks, this will help you immensely!

  • Organize yourself

Keeping everything in place will help you get exactly what you want at the right time saving you from the trouble of finding it when required immediately. From the things on your office table to you files on your desktop, everything should be in place and easier to locate, this keeps you away from the frustration caused by not being able to find a certain thing within a tight time frame and motivating you to perform better.

  • Catch up on your sleep

This may sound like a cliché, but it is as important as your to-do list. Not getting enough sleep may be a sign of you not being able to focus and lack of concentration which means less work in more time. Get into a routine of getting a minimum of 6 hours of quality sleep to operate at your peak level without needing a coffee dose!

  • Take a break when you need one

Working continuously for long periods of time can actually prevent you from functioning efficiently as it strains your eyes and leads to mental fatigue. Taking a small stroll around the corner and giving your mind a break to start afresh helps to boost your energy levels by improving your blood circulation. Even if you are not able to take a walk, shut down everything and close your eyes or stretch your body, there are multiple ways to take a break off work.

  • Stay focused, minimize distractions

Try to keep all interruptions at bay while working on something (except for nature’s call, that is inevitable!). Multi-tasking is not a good idea, as it diverts your attention from one thing to another making it difficult for you to stay focused. Try completing a task before moving on to another to promote concentration and boost your motivation.

  • Feel good, work better

Productivity is directly proportional to your mood, so do what it takes to make yourself feel good. Bring in the positivity which will surely reflect in the work you do, for instance, resolving issues the same day at home and workplace, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, cutting down on the caffeine, practicing meditation and frequently smiling at everyone around. Find out what works for you as a mood booster and gives you a positive kick to get started.


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