Uberish for Brokers? Think this way

The Indian property landscape has undergone massive upheavals in the last few years. From the seismic effects of demonetization to the advent of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) as well as GST, a lot has changed in the industry in a short span of time. These are not just regulatory changes intent on bringing in more transparency, speed, and efficiency; but also ripples that are making the sector sharp, technologically-inclined and digitally-savvy as we move forth.

No wonder the market is towing the upbeat line that more information and choices are bringing in. If we look at the unsold unit’s inventory in the residential category itself from an assessment of average prices for the past five years (Q3 2012 to Q3 2017); we can see how even Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, have witnessed capital value appreciation. Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru, too, saw the figure of unsold units shrinking by 22%, 18%, and 16% respectively. It is notable to see that between Q3 2016 and Q3 2017, unsold units in top 7 cities of India have gone down by 8%, and that’s a definite hint of better appetite and sales.

Now when things appear on the upward slope, it is often the right time to reckon new investments and property options. But how to get in touch with brokers, valuators & advisors with the proper wherewithal to equip you with insights that will work in the new shifting landscape?

Whether you are buying or evaluating or taking stock of property and other assets as well as investments, you need the Uber recipe here. Yes, the network effect!

What to look for?

The platform model has disrupted the world. From Uber to Airbnb to Amazon, we have seen how a specialized and competent repertoire of market players can offer speed and edge to business. It is not just about aggregation but about galvanizing the right people under the right platform and then making the network force work its spell.

This is why a marketplace, like say Tobuz.com, can help you with experts, advisors and specialized assistance you might need along with an inimitable ability to get the best value for your deal. Their high-quality agents, accountants, advisors, lawyers sprawled across Indian Subcontinent, APAC and GCC, can be just the right place where your investments get channelized in the right direction.

Who is an ideal advisor for you and how to assess?

When scouting for an apt advisor, one has to be prudent and watchful of experience, deal-collection, adherence to standards and professional integrity. It also helps when we know the depth and breadth of the advisor’s leads and deals. Recommendations and reviews, now much more readily available via technology platforms, add a new dimension to the credibility and attractiveness of a given advisor. The ability to listen and personalize goes a long way in a space cluttered with run-of-the-mill and blanket sale approaches. Visibility and transparency of information on both sides are also good indicators of trust and competence.

Looking for the right broker, evaluator, etc.

It is not as hassle-prone and complicated as it used to be. The process has become fast, smooth and brimming with umpteen choices. Try online listings and the swathe of options that Tobuz offers. This information can be supplemented with newspapers and ads, words and experiences of friends and family who have consulted there earlier. However, your sense of your specific needs should work as the accurate compass as you sift through 1300 business brokers across the Indian Subcontinent, APAC, and GCC. You can get tips and techniques from experts across the globe as well to make your decision as well-rounded, deep and future-proof as possible by leveraging the vast universe of options available in a marketplace like Tobuz.

Brokers and advisors can bring their deals

With their vast contacts and field experience, business brokers may have ready-to-crack deals under their belt. This can help you achieve your investment goals much faster. Sometimes these deals may be exclusively available to certain advisors and brokers only. So to begin with, approaching multiple brokers may be a good start for the search of an ideal investment.
The essential idea is to make an investment that delivers value, growth, and security in the years to come without any incumbent stress or complication. Hence, it is critical to do this the right way and spend some quality time in selecting the right broker or advisor. This is like sharpening your axe before cutting the wood. The wiser and informed you are about a broker, the smarter and more risk-proof your investment will automatically turn out to be.
It is an era where almost every business is tapping the DNA of Uber-for-X models. The same is being manifested in financial and property terrain as well. Why not let information, technology, competition and the power of more choices work on your side? Why not go for a smart platform that corals cherry-picked advisors and deal-makers. Let your investment taste the power of information.

Go ahead. Make a profit. Make growth. Make it possible by being in the right place.

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