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Top things to consider before buying an existing business

Being your own boss is a tempting decision to make for you to rush through it but with great authority comes greater responsibility. Besides the time and efforts involved to initiate a start-up, the cost of setting up a business can make you think twice about your decision.

It is a well-known fact that start-ups face a lot of issues including the difficulty of building a customer base, establishing cash flow, hiring a competent staff, marketing the new business etc. before they are able to generate profits to support you.

A wiser, better and convenient alternative to avoid all this hassle is to buy an existing business which holds numerous advantages and fewer risks over the previous option.

There is no gain without pain though; it is extremely important for you to carefully analyze your options and do your bit of homework to ensure that the business you are going to invest in is the right one and you are paying a fair price for it.

A reasonable amount of research for your new venture can save you from sinking all your resources, so what are the things you need to look out for when you have decided to buy a business? Following are a few basic things that you can consider:

Choosing the right business

An essential element while buying an existing business is to make a right choice in terms of the type of business you want to buy.

Identify your interests to make sure that you choose a business which will motivate you to perform better with time. Also, consider your education, experience and skills before making a move.

Once you have chosen the industry to focus on, take into account the geographical location you wish to work in and the size of the business which will be feasible for you.

Learn more about the business

Once you have chosen a particular business which interests you and fulfils your requirements, it is time to take a closer look at the various aspects of the business.

Conducting a thorough objective investigation regarding the business is a vital step which can be carried out by asking a few questions, for instance,

  • why is the business being sold,
  • is it in a midst of a dispute,
  • what is the customer strength,
  • what is the reputation of the business etc.

Evaluating the business

The evaluation process is a fundamental step to know more about the current condition and the potential of a company.

Firstly, take into account its assets, cash flow and operating history. Look for the following things:

  • what is the product or service which is being offered,
  • what is the response of the demonstrated market,
  • what are the operational expenses,
  • does the business have any debts,
  • how are the financial records,
  • what are the business assets etc.

A detailed analysis of the balance sheets and income statements can assist you to determine the financial health of business.

Getting a professional involved

It may be difficult to evaluate a business on your own rather than seeking professional help. It is always best to involve a professional when it comes to matters like these.

An experienced and qualified broker can provide you with valuable advice and bring your attention to details which may otherwise go unnoticed and thereby can assist you in the negotiation, evaluation and purchase process.

Planning for the growth of the business

Once the business you have decided to buy fits your bill, it is advisable to plan how will you go about it to increase productivity and ensure the growth of the company.

  • Make a strategic marketing plan to promote your products or services effectively,
  • think of innovative ideas to expand the business without burdening the revenues
  • formalize a management plan to supervise and manage the business efficiently.

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