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Tips to Build a Winning Startup Team

A successful startup is dependent on a number of things but the real factor behind a startup to take a firm stand is the team who provides the backbone to its structure. A business is not run by the owner alone; it is in fact driven by the support of a strong and highly skilled workforce. This is one step which is overlooked by many entrepreneurs, the dedication and perseverance required to establish a start-up should not be coming from them only but the same motivation should be instilled in the right kind of people to take the business to the next level. Launching a startup in itself is a tedious and a time consuming task and to top it up, you are expected to build a team to join you in your struggles and victories. You might have it all for a good launch- a unique business idea, an ideal location, marketing strategies, capital to hold your back but if you lack in the workforce department, your business will never be able to take a jump-start. The goal is to make everything fall in place with capable, skilled and dedicated employees with whom you can share your success journey. To go about building your dream team, follow these steps to kick-start your endeavor:

  • Look for those who have an experience in this field– Technical skills and qualifications are not enough, you might want something more than that for your start-up. Look up for individuals who have worked in similar environment before so that they know what exactly their job is. Going by the same rule, do not hire interns or fresh college graduates, they might make an energetic and dynamic team but they will not be able to carry your business forward.


  • Clearly define roles and objectives for your team- Once you have described your goals to your prospective team members, recognize their abilities if they fit the bill. If you feel that an individual has the required skill set along with an ability to perceive your vision, you may get him on board.
  • Remind your team of your business goals– Business goals are not only for the owner to accomplish but they are for the team members to keep in mind too. Motivate your team to boost their performances in order to achieve the target. Be a leader, motivator and a mentor for your team.
  • Introduce potential hires to the entire team– Your team member will be expected to work together as one single unit; therefore, it is extremely necessary for them to share a good rapport. Especially if you are hiring a manager for your team, you would want all the employees to bond well with the prospect as it will ensure a smooth journey.
  • Let it go when you have to– One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. If there is someone who spoils the work environment, you have to be quick to recognize and take immediate action. Don’t wait for anything extreme to happen; as a boss, you should be able to anticipate an employee’s potential and decide whether he is fit for the role or not.

Startups are challenging, but don’t let this challenge burden you. Share your burden and take your business to the next level by building an effective startup team to accompany you in your journey. By doing so, hardships will not be ‘hard’ anymore and you will not have to face them alone too!

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