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The Importance of Training in Franchising

Why is a franchise system so trusted and accepted as one of the most reliable methods to set your foot in the business world? Because of its fixed operational system which is proven to work! When you plan to buy a franchise system, you are not only buying the right to use their brand identity, their theme, their reputation, but you are also paying to acquire their work ethics, their systems and their attitude. This is one challenge that the franchisees face when they have signed the franchise agreement; to hire and train the employees to match the status of the franchise business and produce a similar quality of ambiance. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for the success of a franchise is the behavior and quality of the employees. Franchise training programs are important for the franchisor and the franchisee as it is going to have an impact on the business generated by both the parties. Hence an effective and comprehensive training program should be offered which will be beneficial to both the businesses. Some of the franchise businesses require special operations such as use of computers and various software which ensure a smooth function of the business. Franchisors are required to construct and present quality training to their franchisees for the required skills to be instilled in the employees.

Particularly in retail store franchises, the challenge gets acute where the front line employees are presenting the brand and are going to be dealing with the customer directly. In this scenario, everything the employee does has an impact on your customer which can create an ever-lasting impression which can either break or make your reputation. For franchisees, it should be all about providing excellent customer service and training employees to deliver it or you are going to be driving your customers to a competing brand. It is extremely necessary for the franchisee to dig into these matters while signing the franchise agreement as what specific training will be provided by the franchisor. In other validation processes you could investigate further by other franchisees as to what they faced when they started out, the quality of instructions received and how did the training help them. Enquire about how helpful was the franchisor in offering support for any problems that were encountered and how did they overcome them.


Franchisors which are genuinely interested in the success of the franchisees business will provide additional support on how to hire and train employees. The process of training is initiated from the time of the employee interview when you have to assess the potential employee for the required skills and qualifications to suit the needs of the business. Take your time to screen and interview employees, do not depend on the training to perfect them. The training is going to polish their attitude and behavior but not going to help them acquire a certain personality which is required. Finding high-quality employees is a better solution than just trying to fill in the positions which is going to be an issue in the long run.

Training is best if provided in a professional environment and by qualified individuals, so it is better to rely on the guidance of the franchisors, as they have immense knowledge and experience and have been through this process innumerable times. Franchise training should be well-constructed, carefully designed and presented to maximize the learning experience on the employees and distill best practices in them to effectively present the brand. Training results should be measured on a timely basis to determine if it needs improvements or enhancements. By doing so, franchisors will be benefiting the business of the franchisee and ultimately boosting the reputation of their own brand.

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