Stay Productive- Tips to Create an Effective To-Do List

Have you been creating a to-do list and still failing to complete all your tasks for the day? It might be lack of motivation but it might be an unsuccessful to-do list! Let’s find out how you can improve your productivity by creating a to-do list that actually works wonders!

Creating an effective to-do list to accomplish your tasks for a given day is the foundation of any productivity plan. To-do lists seem extremely straight-forward- compile a list of things to be done and cross off the ones completed. Woah! There you go, all done. But really, is it that simple? Many entrepreneurs fail to understand the importance of this basic exercise and struggle with it. Firstly, why is a to-do list so important? Because it allows you to organize things in a written format rather than running those tasks in your head. Even though you are good at remembering stuff, a well written to-do list can help you to keep a track of all that you are expected to do. Also, this releases the part of your brain which you were using to try and remember things to focus on the bigger picture and more important aspects of your business. To-do lists are essential to beat work overload. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of tasks, its time get organized and learn how to make a proper to-do list. Here are a few simple steps to get started:

Pick an effective medium

Choose what works best for you. Some people still love to go the old-fashioned way using papers and post its. But if you are the kind of person who can’t keep papers well in place, you may use a tablet, smart phone or an app.

Create the to-do list a day before

It is important to create a to-do list with a fresh mind while you are relaxed. Plan everything a night before and carefully analyze the important tasks which need to be accomplished during the day.

Prioritize by deadline

Organize your to-do list by sorting it according the deadline. Do not just write down what needs to be done. Write the things first which need to be done first, this way you will not have to scan the entire list looking for tasks that need to be completed and you will not miss out on anything important.

Create multiples to avoid confusion

Create separate lists for the task that need to be done by you and the tasks which need to be done on the same day but can be assigned to others. Also maintain a different list for the long term tasks and one for the everyday tasks.

Use sections to organize

Many a times, you know a task which needs to be done, but it skips your mind on how it was supposed to be done. Organize your list such that you write the details in another section when you plan it out.

Re-evaluate the ticked items

Before creating another list for the next day, re-evaluate the list that you completed today. Check your progress and try to improvise your planning skills for the next day. If you put a conscious effort in maintaining your to-do list, you’ll find that it’ll become second nature to use it.

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