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Over-worked Employees? How Can You Prevent Them from Quitting?

In a business, it is crucial to encourage your staff to perform their best and challenge them beyond their potential, but pushing anybody too far will cause them to wander by. Too often, you will find managers complaining about their best employees leaving them, but how many of those managers do actually realize that they were the ones who forced them to make that move. Employees don’t leave the jobs; they actually ditch those managers who tire them beyond their capacities. There is a fine line between motivating them and pushing them too far. How do you know when to stop and when they need an uplift? Yes, this can be handled, it just needs a different perspective and an effort on the manager’s part. Before your drive away your efficient employees to your competitors, here are a few tips to strike the right balance and to make your workplace a happy one.

Start by hiring the right people

To take complete advantage of the capabilities of an employee, make sure that he is a perfect fit for the position. Carefully assess the candidates and choose the one who has the required skills to execute the job and who will be an asset to the company.

Assign the tasks to the right people

Being a manager, your job is to identify the capabilities of each personnel and allocate tasks accordingly. If you assign a task to an employee who is not familiar with the job to be done, it may push him beyond his capacity to accomplish it.


Prioritize the tasks

Instead of dumping all the work at the employees at once, prioritize the work according to the deadlines. Take responsibility of the situation and allow the employees to focus on one thing at a time so that they give in their 100 percent.

Lead by example

There is no better way of teaching employees on how to accomplish a given task than showing them how to do it. Some projects require an extra tad of effort but your employees won’t complain if you are willing to work overtime with them.

Be empathetic and supportive

The keystone of being a good manager is to provide support and be empathetic and knowing when not to push too hard. Portray yourself as a caring manager who is concerned about their needs too and lend them an ear when they need to speak up.

Provide timely feedback

Feedback is essential for improvement but a heavy dose of criticism can have a negative impact. If you want to stop an unwanted behavior or correct something, do it carefully one on one. Do not criticize in front of the other team members, this will kill their confidence.

Provide recognition

When an employee successfully accomplishes a task or reaches his target, make sure that you encourage him by providing recognition and appreciating his work. Always praise an employee if they have been working overtime to complete a project or they have made an important breakthrough.

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