Impact of Coronavirus on the UAE Economy

What is the coronavirus? And what are the impacts of this virus?

Additionally, through what ways are effecting the economic values of the UAE? All the answers to your questions detailed in the following article. The coronavirus is the disease that is spreading all over the world. It is spreading very fast that we can’t even imagine. 

The coronavirus has spread great terror amongst many people. The viral disease is spreading from person to person. Thus, the government of the United Arab Emirates has decided to lock down everything. Therefore, people should stay in their homes. 

By staying at the home mean, you should avoid contact with other people and take care of yourself. This disease has many impacts on the routine life of everyone. The virus is also affecting the economic values of the state. 

The globally spread disease was at first detected in China’s country named Wuhan. Further, this disease is then spread all over the world. The World Health Organization declared the corona-virus as a worldwide pandemic. Although to its excess it is spreading towards 110 nations. Also, this has infected almost a great number of people. 

Although, according to the associated press. The disease has a great effect on countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. Yet, all these have a great number of coronavirus cases. This is the time when the whole world is suffering from coronavirus while UAE is involved in other problems as well. Problems that include this virus, various conflicts, stress, economic crisis, as well as the political unrest.

COVID-19 keeps on affecting markets including all the national as well as the global economies. But, the Gulf economies were already coming at the lowest points before the spread of the coronavirus. The economy of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates both have marked shortcomings. 

On account of the UAE, the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), presents a great amount of prevailing direction towards the economic trends. The assembling and administration sectors fell 50 marks because a sign of contraction is present in those areas.

Additionally, combining that with a 6% year-on-year drop in the prices of real estate. These led down the value of the Dubai private sector and the real-estate sector. The real-estate sector has slowed down the development within three years. Besides, the development of the decrease rate of the economy is a marker of concern.

Hope for the economy in the UAE 2020:

The only hope for the development, for the Emirates, is Expo 2020. The exhibition is going to get scheduled and launch in October of the existing year. Likewise, this would run through to April 2021. 

With the cancellation of the event, which is a very low possibility, this would have a major negative effect on Dubai and its economy. Whereas, the expo 2020 was expecting to help the country to progress. Besides, it would also help those who are experiencing the difficulties of a disturbed economy. 

The committee counsel that was going to lead by Sultan Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, incorporates agents from different competent bodies. Besides the fact that it is the fundamental part of the government. The preventive measures to deal with the aftereffects of the spread of the COVID-19 virus on the economy. The fundamental measures to help the national economy and to promote its different activities. 

Following the Cabinet’s approval of a Dh16 billion to boost the economic package of activities. To help and manage the organizations and give an extra impetus to the national economy. Besides that completing the existing economic packages that are going to get declared by the Abu Dhabi government, Dubai and the Central Bank, totaling Dh126.5 billion.

What are the Precautionary Measures:

The Committee will propose precautionary measures to lessen the negative consequences of the COVID-19. The coronavirus has a great impact on the nation’s human resources and economic sector. Every year UAE draws in more than 17 million visitors, Damak stated, but this year it plans to pull in 25 million visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai in October. 

Saudi Arabia gets 20 million visitors every year, the more significant part of the visitors for religious purposes. However, the kingdom has temporarily suspended the entry to the country. Further the visitors coming with the purpose of performing Umrah and visiting the Prophet’s Mosque. However, it is an essential place for Muslims to visit.

Damak said, at this stage, it is challenging to tell if Expo 2020 can be arranged or not. Yet, this might affect the pilgrimage season which usually starts in July. Further, this will be affecting the viral infection spread worldwide and would outbreak. In addition, if this would be the situation, then the economic impact on both Saudi Arabia and the UAE would be higher than what we currently expect.

According to the following article:

This virus outbreaks and has begun to hit the vital sectors of the UAE economy. Presenting it with the example, tourism, and aviation. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, allocated 1 billion Durhams ($272.27 million) to establish a reserve “to improve liquidity and maintain the balance and the market interest in stocks,” the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office stated on Twitter.

The nation’s stock markets have failed within two weeks, with Dubai’s main index tumbling about 30%. However, Abu Dhabi is sinking around 25% in a similar time frame, as the tumbling oil costs include further pressure on the Gulf economies. 

Abu Dhabi said it would assign some further 3 billion Durhams for a credit to ensure a plan for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To restore financing by local banks, while another 5 billion Durhams will go to sponsor utility bills. Several expenses were rejected or diminished, including the registrations of the real estate. The new businesses and tourism as well as sectors including hospitality.


No one knew how long does corona-virus last, thus the government has decided to lock down everything for almost two weeks. Furthermore, within these two weeks, the stock market and economy rates of the UAE have decreased as well. Although everyone must follow the corona-virus precautions to stay safe and protected. 

The nation’s stock markets have failed within two weeks, with Dubai’s main index tumbling about 30%. Hopefully, this article has helped you. This article would let you know more about corona-virus and the impacts of the corona-virus in the UAE. That is why you should maintain social distance and stay safe.

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