How to Master Your Time for Professional Development  

“Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life”

The above quote by Alan Lakein simplifies the importance of time management in everybody’s lives. Time management is definitely another way of life management. In your professional career, time is a valuable asset, it can literally take you places if used effectively. We all have days when we feel that we have been so unproductive but in order to avoid that we need to work to master our time.


Do you feel busy all the time but all your tasks are still pending? Have you ever wondered how do some people manage to accomplish more than you and still have some time to spare? It is because they practice good time management skills by using their time effectively. It’s a simple concept but may be hard to implement at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become your second nature. In simple terms, you just have to make the most of your available time. it will require you to invest some time upfront to prioritize and organize yourself and then everything will start falling in place. As an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of matters to look into and you will constantly find things pulling you. In this situation, where everything needs your attention, you need to decide how much time does each action, conversation or task needs and you will definitely be on your way to success. Here are a few tips that will help you to master your time for professional development.

Schedule your priorities

You need to prioritize your tasks and your duties. First things first- do what is more important first and try to complete it before jumping on the next task.

master time

Kill the distractions

Do not lean in to pick your phone if you hear a notification, try to minimize the distractions when you are in the middle of something. This will divert your attention to unnecessary thoughts and you will not be able to pick up exactly where you left from.

Learn to say ‘No’

Stop trying to please everybody by agreeing on to doing something for which you do not have time for and which will have an impact on your priorities. Remind yourself of all the pending tasks on your to-do list before nodding your head for social help.

Schedule time for interruptions

There are going to be phone calls, there are going to be emails too- keep a set time when you take those calls or to check your email too. Do not let these interruptions interfere with your work schedule as they may kill your motivation.

Maintain a planner

Carry a planner and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for one entire week. This will help you to realize where you have been spending the most of your time and how can you utilize it better in the coming week.

Take out time to plan

Take aside 30 minutes each day, either in the morning or in the night when you do not have anything important to do, to plan out your activities for the day ahead. Make sure you plan with a fresh mind to prioritize effectively.

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