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How to Market a Franchise Business

The security that comes with being a franchisee is a huge help while building up a strong marketing strategy. If you are thinking of buying a business then a franchise offers special benefits that other existing businesses don’t. A well established franchise provides the credibility and support you need to launch an effective marketing campaign. However, with the good comes the bad so there are some important considerations to make when marketing a franchise business.

Two-pronged approach

It is essential that you balance the needs of your business with those of the franchise. Your marketing plans should include arrangements that profit the franchise too. On the other hand, make sure you don’t compromise your business sales for the sake of marketing the franchise.

What is the consumer getting?

Sure, marketing is about increasing your sales but why would consumers be interested in your products or services if they don’t get good value out of it? There are ways to cover your weaknesses and flaunt your strengths in a marketing campaign but building trust between your brand and consumers is more important. Follow ethical guidelines and offer incentives to your target audience.

Is the franchise developing?

The advantages your marketing tactics bring to the franchise are of great concern to the franchisor. Be fair and protect their interests too. Some of your marketing plans may serve your customers as well as the franchisor. This would be ideal. Keep aside some part of your marketing budget solely to market the franchise to appease your franchisor. Getting professional consultation from their advisors would also lead to mutual benefit. Ask the franchisor to provide reports of their own marketing designs to help you along.

What works for a franchise business?


Good landing pages

When a user clicks on your link the first thing they see is your landing page. Many users get frustrated when the link does not take them to a suitable landing page. Ensure that the user can easily navigate and quickly find what your link hinted at. Preparing a separate landing page to attract prospective franchisees is an excellent method to market the franchise.

Feedback and testimonials

“No publicity is bad publicity” they say so allow consumer feedback to flow in and listen so you may optimize your product or service according to the consumers’ demands. This will boost your sales and develop a healthy relationship between you two. Testimonials are all good obviously and they are particularly helpful to franchises.

Reach out to media

Local marketing can have a very positive effect on your profits so extend an invitation to local media channels that may be interested in featuring you. Their readers and viewers are interested in learning about new quality services and businesses. Just remember to be tactful in your approach and dealings.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Franchise businesses can really boost brand awareness and a sense of community by connecting with their target audience via social media. This opens up countless possibilities for the franchise too. Additionally, you are able to reach new audiences in places you haven’t expanded your business to yet. Ads on social media are also very effective and budget friendly.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

No better way to increase your ranking in search engines than hiring a competent SEO agency. It might not be instantaneous but you will notice much higher traffic to your website and increased sales. The SEO plan for the franchise could be created individually with separate keywords.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the easiest way to market your franchise business online. Use the right content, position them properly and time them perfectly. This is a steady method to boost your earnings and generate profit for the franchise.

Buying a business is easy but marketing it is not that simple when it is linked to a franchise. This does not mean it is not profitable. Done well, you will be able to develop a stronger bond with the franchise and watch your business flourish.


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