How to Make the Perfect Pitch to Investors

“Money makes the world go round” they say; this particularly true for business funding. If you are planning to buy a business then learn how to attract investors with a great business pitch.

What’s your story?

Everyone loves to hear a story especially if it’s real and relevant to them. Tell them the idea behind your brand and how it came into being.

Are you offering solutions?

A new business should fill a gap in the market and provide answers to questions your target audience demands.

What have you accomplished so far?

Investors will only think you are worth the effort if you have attained some level of success in your endeavors. Make a comprehensive list and one for highlights.

Who are you selling to?

Be very clear about who is included in your target audience. The investor needs to know this. No responsible business can proceed without clarifying this.

How will you reach them?

You have to tell them how you plan to bridge the gap between brand and prospective consumers. Give a hint of your current and future marketing tactics.

How are you better than others?

No one will be interested in your startup if it does not being anything new to the market. List your unique characteristics and show them you can beat the competition.

What’s your money plan?

Since they will be investing money in your startup, let them know how you manage your revenue and cash flow and where their funds will go.

Who’s got your back?

You probably have an ace team that works under your supervision to keep your new company up and running. This gives credibility and makes a good impression on the investor.

What does the future hold?

Don’t just talk about the present. Show the prospective investor a glimpse of what the future holds. You might wish to keep your company or sell it to another in the years to come.


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