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How to Conduct a Solid Market Research

Launching a business is an overwhelming journey- it’s got its own ups and downs, but if you are not travelling with a proper roadmap, you can definitely take up the wrong track. Everybody needs a bit of direction in all aspects of their lives and the life of an entrepreneur requires you to keep your eyes wide open as you may face unpredictable challenges. A solid market research can provide you with the direction you need to run your business as it is a proven guideline to manage your business efficiently.

Conducting a proper market research can give you a clear idea on what products or services are in demand and can generate more profits to boost your business. Market research is not only for startups; in fact, it can assist business-owners to analyze the response of the public to their current offerings and if they need to change or tweak their delivery methods or introduce better services. Market research is an essential tool to recognize customer’s needs and expectations and provide you additional ideas on how to improve your current sales or strategize your marketing.

Understanding the importance of a thorough market research, another thing to keep in mind is conduct it with the proper techniques or you might get a wrong picture in the frame. That’s why it is important to ask the right questions to the right people in the right way to get the right answers. Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you are doing it the right way:

Establish goals

Before you begin your market research, define the exact goal you wish to achieve through it. A market research is mainly to help your business become more profitable and provide you with a competitive advantage. However, start off with an aim to get answers to the specific questions you have in mind, outline the purpose of your market research

Draft your questions

This is an important step to get started- set up your questions and hypotheses for how will people answer. This will help you to think logically and come up with potential follow up questions which will benefit your research. You might want to ask a different set of questions to people who responded positively or vice versa, therefore document all the questions.

Find your target audience

Your research should be targeted to a specific kind of audience that will help you to get answers to your questions. Choose people based on the type of market research you are conducting. If it is about a product already in the market, you would want to target people who have an experience with the product.


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