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How Can You Start a Business While Keeping Your Job?

Quitting your job to fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur may appeal you as a tempting idea but to surprise you, it may not be necessary. Although you might think your new venture requires every bit of your attention to be able to spurt but you need to realize the consequences of leaving your day job to pursue your business. The advantages of keeping your job while starting off your business outweighs the latter option of quitting. It may require an extra tad of effort along with a number of sacrifices on your part but the fruit you will reap will definitely be worth all the hassle. It may seem challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself being able to balance both until you have established your business to support you solely. What are the things that you need to keep in mind while you take this huge step to start your business while you continue your 9-5 ritual? How can you play safe and manage this juggling act? Follow the steps below to ensure that you do not have to lose anything before you get onto these two boats:

Start small

To make it big, sometimes you got to start small. Big beginnings usually don’t end up as big start-ups instead they have more chance of a failure. Recognize your potential and identify your capabilities to determine what you can give to the business and based on these things, take the step to start-up!

Be prepared

Weekends are not going to be all fun from now, so be prepared to sacrifice your time. Make sure you get the support of your family and friends as their encouragement can boost your morale to perform better and ensure that you can start off well. The beginning stage usually takes up most of your time so you need to commit accordingly.


Maximize your time

Planning is they key here, make the most of the available time you have before work, after work or on holidays. Learn how to organize your tasks and accomplish them within the assigned time limits to be able to maximize your potential. Although do not sacrifice on your sleep time or your meals because you need energy to keep you moving through the day.

Team up

Two is better than one and if its three to share the load, you won’t even feel the burden! Starting off alone can be distressing and discouraging at the same time so make yourself feel better by teaming up. With this, the work load is divided and it is more fun to be working after the usual job hours.

Set realistic goals

You cannot shoot an arrow without a target; if there is no aim, there is no business plan in place. Set goals for your business to achieve over a period of time and work on them. It will definitely motivate you to work harder! Set realistic deadlines and attainable goals to keep a track of exactly where you are heading.

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