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Do You Have All It Takes to Be a Great Boss?

How do we differentiate between an angel-like boss and a monster-like boss? What kind of a boss are you?

For employees, a boss is either awesome or terrible, there is no in between. Come to think of it, being a boss is a far bigger job than just giving out orders and supervising. As a boss, you are expected to lift your team spirits, motivate your employees to work hard and smart, remind them constantly of their goals and uplift their moods too. To be in the good books of your employees, it is necessary to deal with them in a way that they will never feel undervalued, overworked or unhappy. Taking care of your employees should be the first and foremost priority of being in a leadership position, as they are the ones who stand tall with your company. You think you are a good boss, how many of the following qualities do you possess? What are they key traits of being a great boss?

They let their employees be themselves

What is better than having a boss who lets you be yourself and provides you the freedom to work at your pace? People love bosses who allow them to take up different challenges, speak up and provide feedback rather than just nod their head to whatever they hear. As a result, the company benefits by increased productivity levels as the employees are able to input their real capabilities.

They inspire their employees

Bosses should not be available for authoritative purposes only, in fact, they are here to serve as a role model to their employees. A staff should look up to their boss and gain inspiration to be able to recognize company goals in order to fulfill them. The ability to inspire is a trait that is common to few, but it can be carried it in the simplest forms either by actions or speech.

They have a certain charisma

A great boss knows how to carry himself/herself to be presentable in a unique manner, not only by actions but by communication too. A sign of being a good boss is when they are able to bring out the better in their employees through their magnetism and charm, they have a personality which makes people feel comfortable around them.


They are good at decision-making

Effective decisions can only be taken by effective bosses, they should know exactly what they are getting into and what could be the outcomes of their decisions. It is a unique skill to be able to take smart decisions quickly and assertively.

They are honest and transparent

Workplace transparency is a leading factor to bring about a positive work environment and to incorporate this kind of an ambience is the duty the boss. Bosses who are honest and deal everything with integrity will be able to earn the devotion and respect of their team.

They are friendly and approachable

Nothing is more amazing than having a boss who listens like a friend and counsels like a mentor. When employees can easily communicate with their bosses about whatever they face at the workplace, it builds a strong communication level where everybody feels comfortable to share their concerns and offer their opinions.

They provide feedback and show appreciation

What truly makes a boss earn that reputation is not how he delegates or manes the work, it is how they appreciate and provide valuable feedback to their employees. Acknowledging the good work of the team and recognizing their efforts enables the team to work more efficiently and produce better outcomes.

They are fair and square

Too many bosses depend on a single person for representing the other team members but great bosses don’t play favorites or rely on one person for everything. They treat everybody equally and make an effort to be fair while dealing with them by delegating them tasks according to their skills and capabilities.

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