Do You Have All It Takes to Be a Great Boss?

How do we differentiate between an angel-like boss and a monster-like boss? What kind of a boss are you?

For employees, a boss is either awesome or terrible, there is no in between. Come to think of it, being a boss is a far bigger job than just giving out orders and supervising. As a boss, you are expected to lift your team spirits, motivate your employees to work hard and smart, remind them constantly of their goals and uplift their moods too. To be in the good books of your employees, it is necessary to deal with them in a way that they will never feel undervalued, overworked or unhappy. Taking care of your employees should be the first and foremost priority of being in a leadership position, as they are the ones who stand tall with your company. You think you are a good boss, how many of the following qualities do you possess? What are they key traits of being a great boss?

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Tips to Build a Winning Startup Team

A successful startup is dependent on a number of things but the real factor behind a startup to take a firm stand is the team who provides the backbone to its structure. A business is not run by the owner alone; it is in fact driven by the support of a strong and highly skilled workforce. This is one step which is overlooked by many entrepreneurs, the dedication and perseverance required to establish a start-up should not be coming from them only but the same motivation should be instilled in the right kind of people to take the business to the next level. Launching a startup in itself is a tedious and a time consuming task and to top it up, you are expected to build a team to join you in your struggles and victories. You might have it all for a good launch- a unique business idea, an ideal location, marketing strategies, capital to hold your back but if you lack in the workforce department, your business will never be able to take a jump-start. The goal is to make everything fall in place with capable, skilled and dedicated employees with whom you can share your success journey. To go about building your dream team, follow these steps to kick-start your endeavor:

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Being a successful leader; leading from behind!

Contrary to usual assumptions of a boss being a safe position to be in, a boss is actually a challenging role to play. Being in charge certainly makes you responsible for leading your team to success and to motivate them to perform to their best of capabilities. Leadership qualities are not something you are born with, they are developed with time and nourished with experience, management, patience and understanding. The dedication to propel, the courage to thrive and the efforts to flourish are not substantially enough to make a better leader. Apart from these things, you require purpose and direction; be clear about your objectives, where do you see yourself and your organization in the coming months and in the future. Setting appropriate goals for yourself and your employees is a good idea to start off as a leader and giving direction to those goals will ensure that you are sustaining your title.

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