The Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates in 2020

The coronavirus, which is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The United Arab Emirates on Saturday announced that they will stop all entry visas for all the visitors. This banning of visitors is to lessen the risk of the novel coronavirus from spreading.

An announcement made by the Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship said that the basic point of this decision was to control the people to their homes and carefully avoid going out. But, with the spread of the coronavirus, many people were dying. These decisions were made for the protection of the people until a proper coronavirus vaccine is fortunately discovered.

The authority includes that the decision made will implement effectively until the countries enact a medical screening test for the travelers as a safety measure. All the events planned occasions by various hotels, and all the entertainment places in Dubai have dropped as the pandemic keeps on haunting governments around the world.

The novel coronavirus has caused an excess of deaths and also affected half of the world. It has spread from the wet markets of Wuhan, China, where it began. This disease has affected many people in almost 100 nations too.

Dubai Expo 2020 expected to get delayed for almost a year. Besides, until the coordinators and organizers of the event agreed to allow global tourism. Further, the business industries to get recover from the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

At a virtual meeting, this decision is made confirmed at the 2020 Expo steering committee, representing UAE officials, and other foreign countries that were set to present the idea to postpone the expo. The organizers agree to investigate with the BIE and the World Expo governing body, with the chance of a one-year postponement of the opening of Expo 2020. 

The UAE has passed another law, to guarantee there is enough supply of the food in the country. However, at any emergency, we might not get low with the food supplies. The law expects retailers to permit observing of their inventories. Vendors who store the food supplies or don’t follow the laws will get punished.

President Sheik Khalifa affirmed Federal Law No. 3 of 2020 to manage the food supply in the nation. Every single enrolled vendor, including retailers, needs following the law. Further, those who try to neglect the law and avoid the rules made by the government will bring about immense fines and prison terms.

The Ministry of Economy will enforce the law and work with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). To make sure the inventory of the food satisfies the need for food in case of emergencies. The retailers will distribute the food stock as coordinated by the NCEMA if there arises an emergency. The law expects retailers to strictly follow the guidelines governing the area and the standards of the storage.

The persons who neglect the laws will get hit with a heavy fine between Dh500,000 and Dh2 million. Retailers should likewise authorize online monitoring of the supplies, food stock, and the storage capacity conditions.

However, on the NCEMA’s order, the retailers who don’t open their warehouses for food will be charged fine between Dh1 million and Dh5 million and can be imprisoned. Further, if they try repeating the offenses, punishments will be doubled. Both the government and people stand side by side with countries in this hour of need.

According to the following article:

The two airplanes, which took off from Abu Dhabi on March 16, were carrying 32 tons of medical supplies and the necessary equipment. The necessary equipment including a great set of gloves, surgical masks, and other defensive equipment, as indicated by the UAE Foreign Ministry.

These flights are the second such humanitarian aid delivery from the UAE to Iran. Further, with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UAE sent an airplane conveying 7.5 huge amounts of medical supplies, including five WHO specialists.

UAE imposes new fines:

The people who ignore the quarantine rules and fines there are more rules made by the government:

  1. Leaving the house for no reasons will be fined 2,000 AED ($544)
  2. A driver who is having more than three people in one car will be fined 1,000 AED ($272)
  3. Not adhering to social distancing practices 1,000 AED ($272) 
  4. Not wearing a face mask in closed spaces will be fined 1,000 AED ($272)
  5. Refusing to get retested and self-quarantine 50,000 AED ($13,612) 
  6. Not abiding by the hospital stay or refusing a treatment plan 50,000 AED ($13,612) 
  7. Refusing to be tested for coronavirus 5,000 AED ($1,361) 
  8. Refusing to be tested for coronavirus 5,000 AED ($1,361) 
  9. Malls, shopping centers, gyms, public beaches, swimming pools, electronic gaming centers, bars, lounges, that refuse to close 50,000 AED ($13,612) 
  10. Visitors of mentioned foundations 500 AED ($136)
  11. Partaking in any public gatherings, conferences, or parties 5,000 AED ($1,361)
  12. Organizers of public gatherings 10,000 AED ($2,723) 


It is important for the government to remind populations and health workers of the basic safety precautions. To reduce the general risk of spreading of the coronavirus by following a few simple measures mentioned below:

  • Try avoiding close contact with people who are suffering from coronavirus.
  • Frequently wash your hands. Especially after direct contact with ill people or after touching dirty surfaces.
  • Avoiding contact with the farm or wild animals
  • People who are suffering the symptoms of the coronavirus disease should practice cough etiquette. (Maintain distance, cover coughs with elbows and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands.)
  • The healthcare facilities enhance the standard infection prevention and control the practices in hospitals, especially in emergency departments.


To prevent coronavirus transmission, the UAE has introduced many safety measures. These safety guidelines to ensure the safety from the viral infection. The coronavirus in humans is spreading in a great amount that is why everyone must secure themselves and stay at home. Postponing of the expo will decrease the effect of the disease too. Hopefully, these preventions might help you get through this coronavirus disease.

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