Planning to start a business in UAE? Read these steps.

Located at the heart of some of the world’s most important trade and commerce routes, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been known as an important economic center of the middle-east. UAE has also been ranked among the top 21 countries globally as per World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report and it ranks over all other middle-east countries as well.

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How to start a business in 6 Easy Steps

It is not as simple as baking cookies, but it is not as tough as assembling a rocket either. All you need is careful planning, a grandma for tips and the right oven.

Do you know that eleven percent of the adult population in India has been spotted to be engaged in early-stage entrepreneurial activities? Well, wait till you read the next figure. A mere five percent of people in India actually go on to establish their own business.

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How to Find Trustworthy Business Brokers

Knowledge is power, and it applies so powerfully when you are looking for brokers.

Business is seldom a smooth affair. One has to navigate all shades of challenges to survive and succeed in today’s landscape. At every stage of business, you need someone who knows someone. At the inception, it is the need to scout for talent, legal work or suppliers. As one scales, the expansion plans need a different category of partners. Even when a business is wrapping up, the right conclusion and transition would require contacts that can help a business owner transcend from one level to another smoothly.

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The Decision Matrix: Buying an Existing Business Vs Setting Up a New One

A consciously made decision to start or buy a business goes a long way in securing your position as a smart entrepreneur.

There are many ways to kick-start a brand new business. A decision that every entrepreneur faces at this point is – whether to start a new business venture from scratch or invest in an existing business and take off. The answer to this question is not easy, and one must analyse all the pros and cons to arrive at the right decision.

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Shrink, Wrap and Ship: Make Selling a Small Business – Hassle Free

Every successful entrepreneur knows that surviving in the tough landscape of business takes a juggler’s dexterity. The trick sometimes is not in catching a ball but in letting it go.

It is not a failure to let go of something that’s not working. It is rather a sign of prudence, resilience and agility to come to the right conclusion before the timing goes awry and things slip off in messy ways. It takes wisdom and courage to accept and adapt when things are not going as expected.

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Where and How to Buy a Retail Business

It takes years to build a loyal following of customers for your business. And in the case of a retail business, the process is all the more complex and demands patience and constant innovation. Showrooms, shops, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls or other retail businesses running for a long time clearly indicate that they have cracked the code of “customer satisfaction”. They know the customer, the right pricing, the product, the right vendors, et al. The period of teething trouble is over and trials and errors have resulted in a proper understanding of the customer and markets. This is the reason, sometimes, the best way to start a new retail business is to simply buy one.

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When to Stop and Sell Your Business? And How to Do it Right?

It takes a lot of courage and commitment to begin a new business, but an equal amount of bravery and wisdom is needed to think of stopping the business and investing the energy in a fresh direction. Before such a situation arises, a few symptoms appear and become quite tangible at least instinctually. When these symptoms occur, then it is time to pack the bag and scratch the head to find a new course of action that is different from the present one and gives one the chance to stop and sell the current business in a profitable and meaningful manner.

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