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Business Cards- A Vital Business Component

Are business cards still relevant in this digital age?

Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives and it plays a major role in each and every sector of all business industries. Be it on a personal front or our professional lives, living digitally has become the norm of the society; alarms clocks, calculators, memo pads have all been replaced by smart phones, books have been replaced by e-books, education has been digitized by e-learning etc. The technology fever has been soaring since it started and it seems like it’s not going to stop anytime soon. One of the majorly struck industries by the technology fever is the corporate world as all business processes are now automated which has proved to be extremely beneficial to reduce workload, improve efficiency and enhance productivity.

While everything related to paper is being replaced by the digital version, one vital element associated with all kinds of businesses and businesspersons has failed to find a substitute and it still works wonders for what is used for- the business card. Why could setting up work profiles on the internet not replace the use of business cards? Why are business cards still used to break the ice for a formal introduction? Will they ever get out of fashion? We don’t think so! Why?

Oldest yet most effective marketing tool

Business cards have always been an effective tool for spreading the word about your business, improving the legitimacy of your company. It is a direct marketing approach and do an excellent job of generating leads by attracting potential customers. Adding a business card to your networking strategy is a good way to increase your chances of being reconnected in the future after the initial meeting.

Nothing beats the traditional approach

Handing out your card while you introduce yourself with a warm handshake has a positive impact on the other person which cannot be substituted by emails and other online platforms. Pulling out your business card to exchange contact information is still a better idea than dictating it as the latter doesn’t seem professional and it has more room for errors.


Technology can’t replace human interaction

People have been following methods that they have always seen and are familiar with and technology has never been able to find a better way for building business relationships over a personal interaction. A real conversation in a formal setup with engaging eye contact and which usually ends with exchanging business cards is how great business relations begin.

It showcases your brand identity

Your business card is the first impression of your company and it plays a major role in the formal introduction of your business. This physical handout can tell more about your brand than by just passing out a number, so it should be as interesting as possible. It helps you to attract new customers after you have encountered them and offered your business card as a reminder which stays with them.

Simple, creative and affordable

In this complex world, we have almost forgotten the simple methodologies in life which if implemented prove to be more effective for instance, the business card. You can play around with this rectangle piece of paper to get more creative and produce an innovative way to introduce your brand. As opposed to other marketing tools, a business card is still an affordable method for effective advertising and networking.

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