Being a successful leader; leading from behind!

Contrary to usual assumptions of a boss being a safe position to be in, a boss is actually a challenging role to play. Being in charge certainly makes you responsible for leading your team to success and to motivate them to perform to their best of capabilities. Leadership qualities are not something you are born with, they are developed with time and nourished with experience, management, patience and understanding. The dedication to propel, the courage to thrive and the efforts to flourish are not substantially enough to make a better leader. Apart from these things, you require purpose and direction; be clear about your objectives, where do you see yourself and your organization in the coming months and in the future. Setting appropriate goals for yourself and your employees is a good idea to start off as a leader and giving direction to those goals will ensure that you are sustaining your title.

“Build bridges instead of walls”

There are no fixed rules that one must follow to be a better leader or a boss, however there are a few basic perceptions one can embrace to revamp his/her leadership skills. Firstly, if you are under an impression that being a boss gives your superiority over your employees, you need to change this attitude. A business organization is made up by the collective efforts of a team; a team of enthusiastic and devoted people guided by a steadfast leader. Leaders are friendly and approachable; they ensure that there are no barriers between them and their employees and are more keen on building bridges instead of walls.

Secondly, you need to be a consistent inspiration for your employees to enhance their performances by demonstrating and setting examples of how it works rather than instructing them to do so. Employees pick up a lot from their leaders, they look up to them for encouragement, for instance, if the boss is willing to work over-time on a project delivery, his team will be eager on staying back too. It certainly does not mean that it has to be about work all the time, spending quality time with your team will enable them to be more functional and productive. You can organize a friendly lunch plan on a weekly basis to have casual conversations over lighter matters or if you are sporty, you could even plan a soccer game with your team! It will definitely assist you in knowing them more as an individual and identify their professional capabilities too.

Appreciation and recognition are two major contributors of boosting the morale of your employees. Being a boss necessitates you to appreciate any achievement of an employee through kind words and acknowledgement. When you model gratitude for your team, you will see it emerge in how good they treat others as well. This in return will strengthen your work force and bring about positive outcomes in terms of productivity and efficiency. Focus on the good things only, mistakes are bound to happen but they do not need to be brought up every now and then, formulate strategies to help employees overcome their shortcomings. Even though you are the boss and the owner of your business, it wouldn’t have been possible without them, let them know this because a happier staff turn out to be productive followers to a devoted leader. You know you have prospered as a leader when you keep your team ahead of you, leading it from behind!

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