7 Ways to Think Like a Negotiator

Negotiation is an essential skill which forms the personality of an entrepreneur. In a business, you are required to buy and sell which means that your negotiation skills should be up to the mark to ace your trade processes. Not everyone can be a good negotiator, but if you are one, you definitely can be a good businessperson. Negotiations are not just about buying and selling, most of the business interaction that takes place within an organization is basically a negotiation, whether it is to resolve differences or produce an agreement on a course of action, vendor selection or vendor funding, employee reviews or recruiting employees. Negotiation skills are critical to effective leadership as it helps to develop your personality as an entrepreneur. When you are deciding on a strategic direction, solving a dispute or dividing tasks among your management team, you are in negotiation. You are going to come across numerous situations where your negotiation skills will be put to test. In order to live up to the image on being a effective leader, you need to brush up your negotiation skills. Here are a few ways to get all the deals right and think like a negotiator:

Gather confidence in all your actions

Your mindset reflects in all you say and all you do. If you portray uncertainty in whatever you are trying to say, you will never be able to succeed in your bargain. To be a good negotiator, you need to be a confident person.

Adopt the right attitude to make things work out

Just because you are authority does not mean that you can bash out on anyone. Things can work out using a friendly tone too. Negotiation certainly does not have to be harsh, it can be a totally casual conversation too.


Networking is the key

The more people you get to know, the more you can learn about them. Make real connections and communicate on a regular basis, you need to have excellent communication skills to be able to negotiate.

Don’t fear rejection

You might get rejected even if you have the best of everything, so do not let rejection take over your confidence. Remember, the offer is being rejected, it’s not you, you still have the potential, so gather yourself and aim for another one!

Silence is golden

Words can be mind-boggling but silence is truly golden. You need not have an answer to everything that is being said to you. There are sometimes when your silence will speak volumes!

Be trust-worthy and likeable

You are most likely to get your point across if you manage to build a good impression with the person you are negotiating with. it is very likely that things will fall in your favor if you appear to be trustworthy and friendly, so be nice, it doesn’t hurt!

Be a good listener

To be respected, you must learn to respect too- show respect to the opinion of others by hearing them out first before presenting your proposal. Avoid interrupting and show them that you are understanding their concerns as well.

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