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7 Home Based Business Ideas

Times have changed significantly and now working from home is easier than ever thanks to the latest technology and the ultimate game-changer- internet. There are numerous reasons as to why people chose to work from home- their responsibilities, schedule or personal reasons. Whatever the reason be, there is a solution for everybody as the options for home-based businesses are many. One can be easily be overwhelmed by the plethora of options available to suit everybody. What are the basic things that you need to consider before you set up your home-based business? You need consider the following important factors before you decide upon a business:

  • Your skills
  • Your schedule
  • Your interests
  • Your background
  • Your expertise
  • Your financial status

With the right determination, focus and drive, you can build a profitable business right from your home, but it takes research, planning and a bit of forethought. Here are seven home-based business ideas to help you start exploring your options.

Freelance writing

Freelance is a good business option with minimal equipment required and can be pursued with basic skills. If you are good at the language, you can think about writing articles, stories or even books which can be published online to make some good money.

Event management business

With so many events planned year-round, everyone looks for someone who can handle all aspects of their event with ease. You can start a home-based event management business where you can hire photographers, caterers and decorators etc., or if you are skilled enough to carry out some tasks on your own, that will be well and good.

manage sales

Home health care business

Old people who have difficulty in carrying out the everyday tasks require help throughout the day. You can hire people who are trained to help the elderly and can send them to help where required.

Catering business

If you have some good culinary skills, you can put them to use by starting a home-based catering business. You can cater according to your preference or interest by providing lunch to office-goers or school going kids or start something at a big scale if it suits you.

Pet sitting and dog walking business

This is a great job for animal lovers who enjoy getting paid for caring for and playing with other people’s pets. Dog walking can earn you some good cash specially in areas where people are too old to take care of their furry friends and are not healthy enough to take them out for a walk.

Babysitting service business

Many working parents need help with their babies when they are away from home and are willing to pay a good price for it too. if you have a love for babies, you can start a home-based day care where people can drop off their kids before they head to work.

Interior designing business

If you have a good sense of style and a great aesthetic sense, you can put it to good use by helping people design their homes and offices by providing interior design services.


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