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6 Important Lessons Learnt on Starting a Business

Businesses can take charge of your entire life- so if you are ready for your life to revolve around your business, you might have the entrepreneurship bug within you. Starting a business is hard, running a business is harder and running a business successfully is the hardest! Some entrepreneurs fail to get off the ground let alone run a business, and many of them fail to earn profits for a long period of time. Success requires a lot of time, it’s not going to happen overnight. But entrepreneurs who have had it the hard way enjoy their freedom of time, money and schedule which makes them forget about all their past sufferings. Every business is an untold story which gives invaluable lessons to entrepreneurs. Here are the top six lessons learnt by whoever has started a business:

You will have a love/hate relationship with your business

Your passion for your business will drive it to its success but you are going to hate the way it occupies all of your time, consumes all your energy leaving you drained and lost. Victories will be cherished and letdowns will be regretful, nevertheless it’s not going to be no less than an emotional roller-coaster.

There will be times when you feel stuck in a rut

Disappointments are going to be a huge part of your business, you will find yourself being pulled back before getting ahead. But it’s all going to be OK, after all, the arrow that never misses it target is also pulled back first!


There will always be some people who will never understand

If you expect everybody to understand your situation and act accordingly, you have the wrong hopes. There are always going to be people whom you cant please whatsoever so don’t put in too much of effort.

It’s going to be harder than you imagined

Of course, you knew it’s going to be hard, but maybe you never imagined it to be this hard. Seeing the picture from far away will not give you the right idea of how bumpy this ride is going to be. Once you are covering this journey, you will know exactly why everyone is not fit to be an entrepreneur.

You are going to love the freedom

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is the freedom that comes along with it. Freedom of choosing your work hours, freedom of your income and of course, freedom of not being answerable to anyone. This is one thing you are absolutely going to love!

You will have to take numerous risks

Business is no less than a gamble, it has its own risks. No business is a safe play, you might think of not taking the step where you might lose on something but being in a business means you have already taken a risk. Something has to be on stake in every step you take in your business venture.

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