4 Blunders That Can Damage Your Executive Presence

It doesn’t matter if you are just leading a team or you are the leader of a corporation, avoid these blunders to secure your executive position permanently.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders than anybody else in your corporation . Some may think of a leader as the one who gets the work done without doing anything himself. But in reality, the leadership position is pretty exhilarating one- it puts you in the role of being accountable for your team and ideally the team would look up to you for sound advice, guidance and to reflect upon their ideas. The first and the foremost duty of being in an executive position is to display unwavering confidence- this is extremely important to gain the trust of your employees in order to lead them. Your executive presence is a combination of many things, it is about your attitude towards things, your appearance and your communication style. It’s all about what you do and how you do it. It’s not easy to be in that role, it takes skills, time and effort but there are certain things that can ruin your image. Here are 4 blunders that you should completely avoid in order to save your executive presence:

Not being able to structure the business effectively

Running a business requires a solid business plan, failing to build a compelling plan to pitch investors and increase sales can seriously take a dig at your executive position. You might have a great idea but not presenting it in the right way backing it up with a good plan can totally backfire. Presenting a solid plan to showcase your business structure requires you to convey strategic business goals, detailing risks, opportunities and projected return on investment.


Unable to negotiate

Negotiation is a learned skill which is an essential tool in a business, especially in a leadership role. In any business negotiations, research is the first step. Having relevant information in the form of past precedents and other data can give you an edge as well as boost your confidence. To master this skill, give it some time as practice will make you perfect.

Not knowing how to provide a good feedback

A solid and an effective feedback will not only solve a certain situation your company is facing but it will also encourage overall development of your employees. As the company benefits from both, you will be able to gain the trust of your employees and supervisors (in case of being a team leader) too.

Unable to inspire

Being in an executive role, one of the major responsibility you have is to inspire your team. Just being the head is not enough, showing them how to get ahead is better. As a leader, you are expected to empower your employees to be involved in all aspects of the assigned tasks. They will gain confidence to make crucial decisions and work beyond their potential, which is going to provide immense benefit to the company.

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