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10 Best Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Dubai (And They Work!)

Not only for the people of Middle East Dubai is one of the top most destinations for businessmen when it comes to either expanding their businesses or starting it anew. And there are several logical and factual reasons behind that not only that Dubai is an eye candy. Dubai’s state of the art infrastructure topped with the government’s lenient business policies makes it the prime attraction for small and large corporations from all over the world. People visiting Dubai prefer shopping there as well because of the many free trade zones that has made the access to cheaper, high quality goods easy. Another major reason for businesses to choose Dubai as their business hub is that taxation is minimal and almost non-existent.

Having that established, setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE is pretty easy and straightforward and there are some businesses that have gained a lot of traction more than others in the past few years. If you want to try your luck in business in Dubai, try choosing a field from the list below:

  1. Foods and Snacks

If there is any business that can never go into recession it is foods and snacks. Food businesses thrive everywhere not just in UAE and at all economic times, good and bad. This fact is not an exception to UAE only. If you have a unique idea that could sell or something you think from your home back is missing in UAE’s food scenario then you can definitely make a business out of it.

  1. Travel Agency

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, every year. Millions of tourists go in and out of Dubai and that number is only increasing every year. Starting a travel agency would definitely be a great idea. You can offer affordable travel packages to expats as well since a number of them from various countries live there.

  1. Construction

Another field that is thriving and progressing by many folds in UAE is construction. New buildings and structures are made in UAE every few years and a lot of projects are still underway. Looking at the vast market and huge opportunity, investors can start construction companies or even begin dealing in raw construction materials.

  1. Real Estate

Real estate is the real deal now-a-days in Dubai; it was a desert but not anymore. Real estate in the UAE is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries. Economic boost and businessmen and tourists pouring in from all over the world has made Dubai an ideal place to invest in real estate and make money.

  1. Specialty Schools

Since Dubai is full of expats living there from all over the world and most of them spend their entire lives living there, have a family, raise kids, there is a need for schools teaching in their mother languages.

  1. Financial Services

If you are an accountant, auditor, bookkeeper or a legal advisor, you have a strong chance of succeeding in setting up your own firm in Dubai. Since there are many large-scale businesses thriving in UAE and even a lot of small-scale businesses that are catching up, require professional financial services every now and then.

  1. Business Franchises

Although business franchising is a rather new concept in Dubai but it is very quickly catching up with other businesses. If you are a business oriented person but do not want to start from zero, you can purchase another business’s franchise in Dubai and start making money.

  1. Childcare Facilities

A lot of couples living in Dubai work full time and turn to childcare or nanny services to look after their kids if their offices do not provide the service already. You can either start the service in a separate building or provide home-based nanny services to them.

  1. Job Agencies

Businesses need skilled professionals to grow and expand therefore starting a job agency that offers professional skilled people from all over the world to other businesses in Dubai is one of the hottest growing business opportunity. The country is in serious need of skilled engineers, IT experts, accountants, auditors, nurses and more.

  1. Transport

A metropolitan city can never have enough transport options. Because of the ever increasing demand of affordable transport choices, there are huge opportunities for businessmen in this sector. You can start a local taxi service and operate it through an app.

These are just a few of the many business opportunities in Dubai. If you are passionate and have the guts and nerves to start and run a business, you will definitely find one that suits your taste.

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