8 Ways to Get Rich by Being Frugal

Everyone is looking out on ways to save some of those hard-earned dollars and the majority of them fail to keep a track of where did they spend all their money. After all, money lets you make money, hence saving is a crucial step towards getting rich. It’s easier to double your savings than trying to double your earnings which is why saving more is obviously more important. Deciding to be frugal in your spending is easier to say than to implement it. Living a frugal life calls for a drastic lifestyle change (if you live life like there’s no tomorrow) and being conscious of how much you are earning, saving and spending. The idea is to strike the right balance between the three elements which revolve around your money. If you save more than you spend, you are already getting there. But if you spend more than you earn, you are actually getting yourself into the sea of debts! Learn these certain know-hows on how to lead a frugal life and feel rich!

Rent what you don’t need to buy

There is so much stuff that you would be using once or twice, so why spend so much which is going to be wasted anyway. Renting out is a better option, for instance, borrow books from a library instead of buying them, rent out DVDs and CDs etc.

Keep an eye for discount coupons

Don’t underestimate the idea of using discount coupons for groceries and other shopping, they can help you to save big bucks in the long run.

Shop during the sale season

OK, this one is pretty easy, shop for your favorite items when they are on sale, usually when the season is over, you will be surprised at the amount you can save by using this little trick.


Cook instead of eating out

Restaurants and fast food chains are a huge hole in your pocket, and literally they rip you more than anything else. Try cooking at home more frequently and save eating out for a treat.

Avoid late fees by paying bills on time

You wouldn’t mind paying a small amount of late fee every month just because you missed out on the bill due date. But take out your calculator and analyze how much you would actually save if you avoid the late fees.

Save electricity when not required

We have been reading about this in environmental sciences not finance but it is actually something connected to money as well. Save big bucks by switching off lights and fan when not needed, it will help you save up on your electricity bill.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Sit down for a bit, and analyze all the unnecessary money you spend every day or every month. For instance, the TV cable, when you barely watch TV, the morning coffee, which you can make at home, the newspaper, which is just lying on the table.

Rent out or sell stuff you don’t need

This is a good way to generate some instant cash to put in your piggy bank. Lok out for stuff you don’t use or need and sell it out. You can even rent out some extra space in your house.

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