The Importance of Business Relationships

Running a successful business is not just about creating products and marketing them. That’s all fine and cool but the secret to a thriving business is a lot deeper than that. No business can succeed without fostering healthy business relationships and not just with the customers, with employees and other companies as well from your […]

Buying an Existing Business- Benefits & Challenges

Buying an existing business is considered to be a better alternative to starting a business form scratch as it avoids all the hassles involved in starting a new business. But, there is no easy way out in the corporate world, where you might a ton of benefits, you might have a bunch of challenges too. […]

Top 5 Ways to Sustain Business Growth

Every businessman that enters the business world wants to run a successful company yet not all of them know how to sustain it for long-term. There are a few fundamentals essential to business growth such as intellectual capital, strategic partnerships and products with strong market demand, other than that sustaining business growth requires strong operational […]

How To Grow Your Existing Business

All of you who started out with your business know what it takes to get your business off the ground. Weeks and months of planning, hours and hours of research, help from friends, family and legal advisors, seeking and extracting useful information from books, articles, magazines etc, were few of the many things you did […]

How to Develop a Business Growth Strategy

Every business starts small but a lot of them stay there. Starting out a business isn’t easy but turning it into a big one is way more difficult. As we know from the statistics, the situation is dire. Research suggests that only one-tenth of 1 percent of companies will ever reach $250 million in annual […]

10 Best Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Dubai (And They Work!)

Not only for the people of Middle East Dubai is one of the top most destinations for businessmen when it comes to either expanding their businesses or starting it anew. And there are several logical and factual reasons behind that not only that Dubai is an eye candy. Dubai’s state of the art infrastructure topped […]

How to Write the Perfect Business Plan  

“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail” – Winston Churchill Your business plan is your compass- it’s going to help you map out a new course and navigate through unexplored territories. Your business success is highly dependent on the way you plan it out because you cannot reach anywhere without your map. A […]

4 Biggest Mistakes While Selling A Business (Avoid Them!)

The business you want to sell you must have built over many years and now saying goodbye to something that is so close to your heart can involve some unintentional mistakes from your side. However even under ideal circumstances selling a business is still an unnerving task, even when everything is sorted out you might […]

Tips to Get Your Business Valuation Right

If you find a business that you are genuinely interested in and would like to own, you will need to consider a lot of things before deciding on the purchase. Analyze yourself and the business and try to match the things which are going to be paired well and then take a closer look at […]

4 Ways to Increase Company Growth

Every entrepreneur begins their business with one ultimate dream, to make it big. No one wishes to set up a business and then see it crumble. A stagnant business is one that has a limited future and entrepreneurs want to build one with a future. Although business growth does not come easy to everyone but […]